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When it comes to blogging, I have read that content is KING.  The depth of thought and articulated points of the writer, which shed light on new aspects of a topic are attractive to readers and can help build readership.  To that end I am always seeking to add new blogs to this blog’s blogroll and finding new blogs to subscribe and follow.  Finding these and sharing their links and content can help augment my writing and perspective as well as provide additional perspective to the readers of this blog.

If there are blogs you read or write, please share them with the readers of this blog by leaving links in the comments section.  Feel free to promote your own blog as a source to follow or subscribe to.  This goes for any time, I am encouraging promotion and networking.

Shameless promotion is not frowned upon here, as long as it is done tastefully.  I reserve the right, as always, to edit obscene posts on this blog.

To that end, here is some professional promotion:

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