Marketing Libraries: Insights


Here is another paper I wrote for my Library Marketing class, LIBR 283.  As always, my comments are meant to be constructive and from the perspective of a SLIS graduate student.

Marketing for nonprofit organizations has its own distinguishing aspects that help differentiate it from commercial entities.  Nonprofits are not only exchanging economic measurements, they are asking individuals to change their beliefs and perceptions for an ideal the nonprofit organization believes in and has a vested interest in maintaining and growing.  In this way nonprofits are marketing their ideas and values to individuals and other organizations.

Libraries are a shining example of how dynamic marketing for a nonprofit organization can be.  Like many organizations, libraries have many stakeholders that are affected by their marketing efforts.  These stakeholders include their immediate customers, the library staff, the communities they operate within, and their state and local governments.  Understanding their unique environment and their customers’ perceived costs and benefits is paramount to the successful marketing of library services.
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