Proactivity as a Skill

Who are librarians?  Are they generally all the people employed by the library?  I had a patron at a public library refer to me as a librarian when I was working at the circulation desk.  I had a similar experience at an academic library.  Most patrons are not aware of the difference between a clerk and librarian, because they do not have an appreciation of the differences in the skill sets of each.  Librarians are diabolically aware of the skills required to provide user service and the skill sets needed to continue to effectively serve users and patrons in the future are greatly affected by many issues.

One issue affecting the future competencies of librarians is what references services will look like.  With a current emphasis on learning, implementing, and using technology to offer more traditional services, librarians will need to be more proactive in their approach to the services they offer.  This is for the simple reason that information can be found and obtained from other sources besides the library and users are well aware of this.
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Reflections on Ref 2.0

2.0 whatever

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Ah, the ubiquitous and all encompassing topic of REFERENCE 2.0.  In the time-honored tradition of the 2.0 designation, this topic has been attributed the same general, amorphous distinction of not having specificity attached to it, but dawns the uber inclusive and always fascinating pop culture label given to social media employed for a specific use within a profession or service.

There are almost an uncountable number of opinions and interpretations as to what providing this service means to library patrons, the most efficient and useful ways to do so, and what to call it at YOUR library … best practices and unsolicited advice abound in every corner and crevice of the information profession.
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Library Web Sites That Standout

I am going to go out on a limb here and say there are far too many library related listservs to possibly keep up with.  I was gone for one week and had over 150 emails from only the listservs!!!  When you only subscribe to five, it seems a little ridiculous.  While most of the time listservs deliver topical information that only now and then catches my interests, recently there was a post that I found interesting.

The original post on Web4lib inquired as to those academic libraries with the ‘best’ Web presence.  The author elicited he was looking for inspiration.  A reply was posted with the top five picks of another university library that used the information to redesign their own Web presence.  The top academic library Web sites according to the reply were BYU Library, Penn State University Library, NCSU Libraries, University at Buffalo Libraries, and Luria Library.
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