as a Reference Alternative

Stumbleupon is a wonderful and interesting way to find new content on the Web.  Simply click the “stumble” button and off you go.

It’s an information discovery tool, per it’s About Us page.  It uses the recommendations of your friends or others using the service with similar interests to yours in their preferences.  By using the thumbs-up or thumbs-down buttons on its navigation bar, users can indicated if they recommend it to others or not.  By doing this, has created a database of likes and dislikes for its users via its community, it is a “people-driven technology”.

What makes it fun is the randomness of the whole process.  Some of the randomness can be mitigated by selecting those topics you are interested in, such as technology, entertainment, and the like.  However, you never really know what to expect exactly when you are using this service.
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