Non-profit use of Social Media and its Impact: Funding

This is the third post of a four part series devoted to social media’s use within nonprofit organizations, Funding.  The first of the series was Engagement & Empowerment and the second was Increasing Presence and Transparency.


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Social software’s impact on fundraising for nonprofit organizations has been significant.  When supporters are able to more easily make donations using social software, they gain a greater sense of community and ownership of the ideas embodied in the organizations they are supporting.

This technology has made it easier for organizations to raise funds through allowing third party developers the chance to create widgets that can be embedded in existing non-profit Web pages.  One such example is Razoo’s Donate Anywhere widget, which allows widgets to be embedded in their social media platforms, Facebook or Twitter, or on their own fundraising site per Livingston(2010).  Another example of using social software for fund raising is to use a person-to-person approach.

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Lisa Maturo uses a Web page for accepting donations for the Luck Dog Rescue organization for animals in need of surgery, according to an article written by Days (2009), How to Make Social-Media Fundraising Work for You: Use people-to-people tools to create deep, deep bonds with donors, old and new.  Donors are kept up to date on the animal’s health and adoption status.

From the management view of maintaining and further developing the social media presence, social media makes fundraising simple. “Online fundraising requires little time, money, or management,” non-profit organizations need to keep their efforts simple and allow the existing enthusiasm for their cause to organically develop, according to Days (2009).  These organizations are already very busy, allowing the existing excitement from members to help with fundraising helps non-profit organizations manage their time better and helps supporters gather more excitement for the organization.

The use of social software in this way has a substantially positive affect on a non-profit organization’s ability to raise funds, since it allows for multiple locations to draw supporter donations.  This technology’s effectiveness is only limited to the organization’s online presence and overall visibility to potential supporters.

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This is the third of a four part series on the impact social media has on nonprofit organizations.

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Days, F. (2009). How to Make Social-Media Fundraising Work for You: Use people-to-people tools to create deep, deep bonds with donors, old and new. NonProfit World, 27(2), 20.

Livingston, G. (2010, August 4). Five Social Fundraising Alternatives to Facebook Causes. Retrieved from


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