Making a T-shirt in SL

In order to complete the Secondlife assignment for this class I chose to do part C, creating a t-shirt for my avatar and sharing it with Professor Ebey.  The suggested informational links provided on the assignment directions were extremely helpful and fun.  I used the graphic design and editing tool called Artrage after viewing Torley Linden’s 16 minute video on how to use it for creating textures useful in Secondlife.

The process on how to create textures that are later used in Secondlife to create clothing is an interesting one.  First, I downloaded templates from the Secondlife clothing tutorials wiki.  Then I downloaded the ‘starter’ version of Artrage.  Torley’s how-to video was great!  He touched on many useful tricks and tips for the graphic software and the software itself is extremely intuitive to use.  He did not only cover how to use the graphic software, but also covered how to upload my new ‘texture’ and then convert it to a t-shirt that my avatar could wear and share.  I thought creating a t-shirt in Secondlife would be an all day event, but it ended up taking less than that, obviously and to my pleasant surprise.

I have uploaded a photo of both the front and back of the t-shirt below.  Both the front and back of the t-shirt have writing on them.  This is because I figured both sides are eligible as an open canvas that did not deserve to be wasted.  Once I correctly uploaded the new texture and turned it into a t-shirt that I could wear, I then shared it with Professor Ebey using the IM feature discussed as an option in the assignment directions.

This was an extremely interesting and fun assignment, similar to almost every assignment this semester.  I had no difficulty following the steps and directions and really just had a fun time exploring the different options throughout the entire process.  Also, I very much enjoyed meeting the small group for a tour with Professor Ebey of her shared sim and generally exploring Secondlife.  Here is the front and back of my t-shirt.


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