Using for Uploading Videos

I found it very easy and simple to post my multimedia content regarding professional development tips for SLIS graduate students to  It is important to know that you first of all need to create an account with the Web site before you can start uploading your videos.  This is very easy to do and you will want to save your login information for later.  Also, another important aspect of using this site to publish your videos is your privacy settings.  You will want to make sure you review who is able to find and view your video before finishing the upload process.  The video I uploaded has been set so that anyone can view and make comments on it, since this type of information sharing is the most helpful when others add to it with their critiques and tips.

One important tip I would pass along is once you finish your video upload to you will want to review what thumbnail will be used for displaying your video in search results and other displays on the Web site.  This could potentially affect the visual appeal of your video and have an adverse or positive affect on the amount of views your video receives.   Another important tip I would pass along is to make sure you complete the video information section of the upload page.  This includes the title, description, tags, and category of your video, which will help site users find your video and better inform them of its content before viewing.

Here are some helpful links for further information:

youtube video uploads help:

youtube helpers helping users:


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