Digital Storytelling & ProDev

Creating digital stories is not only important for the educational experiences it may provide for both the person telling the story and the person experiencing the story, digital story telling is also important because it allows people to express their view and perspectives on topics most people can relate to or have a similar experience with.  When people can relate to each other’s stories or gain a better perspective on a specific topic that is important to them, they can make better decisions and the stories become helpful.

On Helen C. Barrett’s Web page Frequently-Asked Questions about Digital Storytelling, she frames the importance and significance of digital storytelling by stating it “is the modern expression of the ancient art of storytelling.”  She goes on to quote the Digital Storytelling Association, digital stories derive their power from how the stories are delivered through our technology.  Using audio, visual, and the human narrative all contribute to the effectiveness of digital storytelling.  Adding technology to the ancient art of storytelling is a logical next step for our society.

With regard to library and information sciences professional development, digital storytelling has obvious applications.  Aside from being an excellent tool for spreading useful information about professional development opportunities, digital storytelling has the power to motivate and inspire information professionals to push harder and reach farther.  This type of multimedia can be used as a way to offer tips and an advertise opportunities, such as in my short video, or as a way for information professionals to gain access to more professional development activities.  For instance, a professional could use digital storytelling to accompany their conference scholarship application to give them the competitive edge.  Another great use of digital storytelling for information professionals is for their experiences within the profession, whether as a journal of their experiences at a conference or with a specific project at work.  Any of these would be extremely helpful for other information professionals in whatever stage of their careers they may be.

More information:

Digital Storytelling Blogs via

Delicious Bookmarks by Tom Techszewski, related to his digital storytelling masters thesis project:


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