Wiki's and Blogs

Libraries should be using wikis if they are not already.  This is because the underlying function of a wiki is not that much unlike the underlying idea behind libraries.  Both are intended to be places that accumulate information and help people gain access to that information.  Wikis allow users or patrons to collaborate on one published document, where they may edit and add information to a specific Web page that is on a specific topic, for instance Wikipeida.  Wikis have many potentially beneficial uses for libraries.  Libraries can use wikis to collaborate with other libraries for best practices, their own patrons’ subject guides, and their own employees within the same organization.  A great example of using a wiki within a library organization is for gathering resources related to a reorganization of the library discussion.

Wikis are considered a Web 2.0 technology and have been likened to blogs.  However, blogs and wikis are not the same.  Blogs  are interactive Web sites that allow one or more people to maintain the information posted on them in a journal format, usually in reverse chronological order.  Wikis on the other had are Web sites that allow large groups of people to edit, create, and maintain documents in a collaborative manner.  Wikipedia has an excellent definition of a blog.


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