An Introduction is in Order …


I would like to welcome you to this blog.  I intend to post useful and helpful information here regarding professional development for those currently in or those who are interested in the library and information sciences profession.  There are many web sites dedicated to this already, but I have seen few that really organize the information in a useful way, especially for LIS students.  For LIS students these types of sites can be very overwhelming and can cause information overload very quickly.  This takes away from developing those professional skills and can detour those individuals from seeking more information or from attending a conference.

I intend to post helpful information related to getting involved in the profession and how to break the figurative ice volunteering, the importance of starting to publish papers, and more.  Basically, the LIS profession has much to offer the academic world and society in general and by taking a more proactive role in the profession LIS individuals can make an even more significant contribution in that regard.

As will always undoubtedly be the case, there is more to come and soon.

Kind regards,

Brian McManus


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